WELCOME About Rescue Home Inspection

Rescue Home Inspection is a sole proprietary company. This means that we will not only provide personalized experience but will ensure to leave no stone unturned to be thorough with our services. Our aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction every time and to every customer irrespective of the size or cost of the project.

We understand that purchasing a home is thrilling. On the other hand it can be very stressful as well. We, at Rescue Home Inspection, help you in making a sound financial decision with our services so that you can rest assured that your home will be “move-in ready” certified.

As a certified professional, we are trained and seasoned to identify potential problems and hazards during our services. We perform a non-invasive inspection of your home/property using normal functions of everyday components making sure everything is in working order, and report on anything that needs attention.

We specialize in “pet-friendly” & “first time buyer” friendly services. To provide you complete satisfaction, our home inspectors go above and beyond to ensure the best quality services.

We value your time, thus ensure that we are never late and provide maximum possible flexibility in our services as per your schedule and convenience. Our services will be delivered with utmost professionalism from start to finish and a detailed report will be delivered the same day.


My Promise to You

Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult. Unlike most professionals, you probably will not get to meet me until after you hire me. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications,equipment, experience, reporting methods,and, yes, different pricing. One thing for sure is that a home inspection requires work — a lot of work. Ultimately, a thorough inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector’s own effort. If you honor me by permitting me to inspect your new home, I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort. This, I promise you.

My Statement to You

I perform the very best inspections. You earn your fees many times over. I do more and I may charge a little more. Do yourself a favor and pay a little more for the quality inspection you and your home deserve.