First Time Home Buyer Inspection

First-time buyer home inspection is a service offered by Rescue Home Inspections when the buyer is buying a home for the first time and is not much aware of the working of the industry. We support you and guide you along every step of the way in Lemon Grove CA.

Common mistakes first time home buyers make

First-time home buyers are generally not prepared for an all-cash market.

Too much debt in the form of vehicles and other utilities disturbs the debt to income ratio.

First-time homebuyers usually put a little more faith than necessary in the online information only.

They don’t even consider renting as a viable option.

First-time homebuyers sometimes tend to skip home inspections.

They tend to get hung up on wrong details.

They want to buy a home for value appreciation.

Rescue Home Inspections can help you minimize the first time home buyer mistakes, by providing their world-class services that you can rely on.