Home Inspection El Cajone CA

Home inspection in El Cajon requires a proper check of the major systems of the house to ensure their proper working. We boast of the best services in the area by professionally certified inspectors with non-secondary skills. At great prices we give you the best possible service.

Best Home Inspector El Cajón

Rescue Home Inspections boasts of the best home inspector in El Cajone. Our professionals are-

  • The properly certified lot from the required organizations.
  • They have had proper training and education in the area.
  • They have much-needed industry experience.
  • Our inspectors use modern technology to execute home inspections wherever necessary. 
  • A helpful and positive attitude of our inspectors is a much-needed add-on.
  • All our inspectors have a good reputation in the industry and are highly recommended. 

Affordable Home Inspection Services El Cajone

We, at Rescue Home Inspections, provide affordable home inspection services in El Cajone. What all is inspected during home inspections? 

  • Foundation problems- The foundation is checked for any visible clues and if it can pose any problems down the line.
  • Structural issues- The structural issues of the house if any are checked, as structural integrity is one of the most important aspects of the home inspection.
  • Interior- The interior of the house, such as, floors, ceilings, walls, bathroom, kitchen, etc. needs to be thoroughly checked for any issues that need repairing.
  • Exterior- The exterior of the house needs to be thoroughly checked for any issues, exterior paint, siding, roof, driveway, garage, etc. are all in proper working condition. 
  • Plumbing system- The plumbing system of the house needs a thorough check, as water and moisture can pose problems later too. 
  • Electrical system- The electrical system of the house including the wiring, the fuse box, the earthing, sockets, etc. needs a proper check.
  • HVAC system- The heating system, ventilation system, and cooling system, all require a check up for proper running and working.
  • Appliances- All the major appliances installed in the house must be checked for proper operation.