New Home Inspection

New home inspections are the three-phase inspections done at every crucial stage of the construction of the house to ensure everything goes the prescribed way during the actual construction of the house.

The three phases are-

Pre-pour foundation inspection

Framing inspection

Final Inspection

Benefits of new home inspections

Some issues are specific to the particular phase they arise in, and are either impossible or costly to correct once that phase is over. For example, issues of a foundation can only be fixed before concrete is poured.

It keeps builders in check so that they provide you with the best quality of service.

Reduction in liability is another advantage of new home inspections, which means that if the builder is responsible for a mistake, you should not end up paying for it.

New home inspections are more than code inspections and help you figure out the issues that they could not find.

They increase the selling potential of the property.