New Home Inspection

New Home Inspection

New home inspections are the three-phase inspections done at every crucial stage of the construction of the house to ensure everything goes the prescribed way during the actual construction of the house.

The three phases are-

Pre-pour foundation inspection

Framing inspection

Final Inspection

Benefits of new home inspections

Some issues are specific to the particular phase they arise in, and are either impossible or costly to correct once that phase is over. For example, issues of a foundation can only be fixed before concrete is poured.

It keeps builders in check so that they provide you with the best quality of service.

Reduction in liability is another advantage of new home inspections, which means that if the builder is responsible for a mistake, you should not end up paying for it.

New home inspections are more than code inspections and help you figure out the issues that they could not find.

They increase the selling potential of the property.

First Time Home Buyer Inspection

First Time Home Buyer Inspection

First-time buyer home inspection is a service offered by Rescue Home Inspections when the buyer is buying a home for the first time and is not much aware of the working of the industry. We support you and guide you along every step of the way in Lemon Grove CA.

Common mistakes first time home buyers make

First-time home buyers are generally not prepared for an all-cash market.

Too much debt in the form of vehicles and other utilities disturbs the debt to income ratio.

First-time homebuyers usually put a little more faith than necessary in the online information only.

They don’t even consider renting as a viable option.

First-time homebuyers sometimes tend to skip home inspections.

They tend to get hung up on wrong details.

They want to buy a home for value appreciation.

Rescue Home Inspections can help you minimize the first time home buyer mistakes, by providing their world-class services that you can rely on.

Residential Home Inspection

Residential Home Inspection

Getting the home inspection done benefits the home buyers by letting them know about the actual condition of the home and saves them from later surprises. A regular home inspection for your residential property helps you uncover the issues at an early stage. Getting the repairs done at an early stage helps the residents save hefty repair bills and ensures safety and wellbeing of the family.


Residential Home Inspector

The Home Inspector at Rescue Home Inspection is committed to make you aware of the facts of the residential property you are planning to purchase. Their eye for detail will ensure that no corner is left unexamined. We aim at keeping your joy of buying a new home intact by highlighting all the problems that can pose issues and can convert the home into a money pit in future. To ensure complete peace of mind for the customers, we get the highest level of accuracy and support required to help them make the property purchase decision with conviction.

Pre Listing Home Inspection

Pre Listing Home Inspection

Rescue Home Inspections in Lemon Grove CA are vouched for by past clients for the amazing quality of their service. Pre-listing home inspections in Lemon Grove CA are the thorough inspection of the house and its necessary components to check for any repairs that are required and any other maintenance that needs to be done before the property is listed to be sold.

Why Do Pre Listing Home Inspection

Pre Listing home inspection offers numerous benefit to the homeowner before they list the property to be sold off-
These inspections are a great way to find out the exact condition of the home.
The needs for the repairs and maintenance can be met in a timely fashion before the listing.
In some cases the buyer might drop the idea of getting a separate inspection done because of the already done pre-listing inspection, this might save a lot of time for the homeowner and a lot of hassle.
It makes the property more lucrative in the market.
Pre-listing inspection gains the credibility and trust of prospective buyers in the property.